Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June Lake Powell Trip

Kayleigh, me, and Maddi inside the golf cart riding down to the houseboat!
Lake Powell was so much fun! SOOO many people were able to come and we had a blast! We spent a lot of the time in the water...
Andy WakeboardingAnnie SurfingOn our way to NAVAJO CANYON! (I forgot my sunglasses! So Kayleigh let me borrow her sick crazy sunglasses haha....)
Often we went on hikes. We hiked quite a bit on this trip and it was a blast.... until NAVAJO CANYON!! We were told: It is probably 3 miles in and 3 miles out. HMMMM... well, after we had been hiking for 2 1/2 hours we were convinced this probably wasn't the case. Needless to say, we left at 2:00 pm to hike what we thought would be a great hike, but soon enough we had hiked at least 10 miles each barefoot (because we had to hike through rivers), been bitten by at least 50 horseflies, and made it back to the boat at dusk. Here are the boys pushing us off the bank:Then.... when it couldn't get any worse it did..Not quite sure what all was in that muck, but it sure as heck clogged our impeller, overheating the engine. So there we were bodies completely broken, hadn't eaten since lunch, no water, super tired, in the middle of Navajo Canyon (our radio wasn't working in the Canyon) in the middle of the night! Adam, my cousin, so brilliantly fixed the impeller at the same time a patrol boat radioed us. We waited for them and had to follow them the entire way out of the canyon which took hours and at the end our parents were waiting for us tired, famished kids when our impeller clogged AGAIN! We were then towed by Andy's Dad back to the houseboat and at a quarter to two ate dinner and replenished our fluids :)... A story to remember! On our way to BRO STOCK 2009!
BRO STOCK! I had a blast at Bro Stock this year! For those who don't know, Bro Stock is a wakeboard competition put on by liquid force. Houseboats are lined up next to each other, and we walked freely around each one. In a strange turn of events we mooched our way onto the VIP boat! (Mostly by playing on male egos :)) My girls and I were on a commercial with Shane Bonafe sp? a pro wakeboarder, we got free skull candy earphones, t-shirts, chapsticks, and tons of other SWAG! It was a great time!
Later on that day we were walking around the houseboats and snagged a ride on this beautiful chopper! As it turned out, one of the girls with us ended up knowing the owner of this houseboat and helicopter and he liked her so much he gave us a ride! It was extra awesome because it was Andy's birthday. Talk about an amazing day!

To end that night we had a rave on the top of our houseboat... good times! I can't wait til our 4th of July trip!!!! I LOVE LAKE POWELL!

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Jamie said...

Hello friend!! I don't know if you ever get on here but you should probably update!! Ha jk! Cute blog though! I love lake powell looks like it was a fun trip even though it was a long time ago you went! We loved seeing you guys! You are just so much fun! We love ya!!