Sunday, February 3, 2008


Snowboarding up at Park City is usually always amazing, but yesterday was unbelievable! The amount of snow was overwhelming, and as we were driving up we couldn't believe our eyes! When me, Tanner and Andy got to the cabin, the snow was higher than the handrails walking down to the front door, and most of the roads were one-way with huge snow banks on both sides! We had such a great time sliding through fresh powder all day long! It was a fun day!

A New Employee

Andy finally hired a new employee! He was given the burden of finding a new employee for his inside sales team, and after a very long couple of months he hired a great employee, and also one of his best friends Greg. Andy has been working hard this last week to get Greg up to speed on Firetide info, while still working his 40 hours a week! It has been crazy, but hopefully Greg will catch on quick and be a great asset to Andy!