Friday, February 25, 2011

Less than a week!

I can't believe I have less than a week until I get to hold my baby boy! We have decided on the name Mason Scott Schreyer and we are so excited to get him here. I have been quickly progressing and my doctor is shocked I have not had Mason yet. He thought I would have gone at 38 weeks for sure. On Wednesday I had another appointment and since I was measuring at 4 cm and fully effaced, he stripped my membranes for the 2nd time! I think this little boy has a mind of his own though... I told my students he is already grounded... :). However, since my body is ready I will be induced on March 2nd if he hasn't come by then!

It is crazy annoying packing, using, and repacking our hospital bag every day before I go teach. Our doctor keeps telling us "any day now" so we can't risk even leaving the house without our bags, car seat, and everything else we will need, but it will be worth it next Wednesday :). Only 5 more days of repacking our stuff.

We have been keeping our house extraordinarily clean too just in case. It's a good habit to have I guess, but it's monotonous cleaning the house every night "just in case" before we go to bed instead of letting the laundry and clutter pile up for a few days before a good clean :). It feels like the movie "Groundhog's Day" where he wakes up every day to the same routine. I wake up, unpack the stuff I need from my bag to get ready for the day, repack my bag with the same stuff, go teach, tell my students goodbye for the 8th time just in case, come home and make dinner, clean up the house, go to sleep, repeat. Each day wondering whether each contraction will be the beginning to the end of this madness :).

Andy is even more excited, paying super close attention to every contraction I have; he even made a timeline of everything that has happened and when our little boy should be here :). We are trying to distract ourselves as much as possible but just can't wait to hold him!

We are very much ready though, we keep buying last minute stuff like groceries and other little things. Since it's so cold outside we try to go shopping so I can go on walks inside, Costco is our favorite :). We bought this cutest life jacket for Mason this summer on one of our Costco trips.

I am horrible at taking pictures of my belly, and horrible at even wanting to take pictures of my belly, but this is me at 30 weeks right before Christmas

This picture was taken at 37 and 1/2 weeks, Andy bought me flowers because it had been 4 years since he had proposed :).

We sure are both excited to have a picture of Mason outside of my belly though!