Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meet Nixon

On February 28th we fell in love with the cutest black lab and had to bring him home! Nixon was born on December 23rd which means today he is 11 weeks old. He has been so much fun, and we are so lucky that we picked a smart and handsome puppy! Andy works at home so Nixon always keeps his daddy company on those long days. Andy is such a wonderful husband, he wakes up at at least 6 every morning to wake Nixon up and take him for a walk to go potty. Every day when I get home Andy has taught Nixon something new, he already knows how to sit, fetch, and we almost have him potty trained... but not quite :). I have such a wonderful husband and he sure loves his little guy.

Andy and Nixon taking a nap
Annie and Nixon
Uncle Toby and Nixon at our cabin in Park City

Toby and Nixon on a walk

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's official!

I will be teaching 2nd grade at Eagle Valley Elementary in the Fall!!! I am so excited and I cannot wait to start creating my classroom and lessons for my students! Alpine School District is amazing and I am so happy that I finally will be a teacher!