Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bear Lake

For the 24th of July we went to Bear Lake! We drove down on the night of the 23rd and stayed at the cabin of the Andrews Family in Andy's parents ward. It was so much fun! We woke up and went wakeboarding and the water was fantastic. The whole day was spent with fun water activities, sleeping, and eating! The Andrews family was a lot of fun and it was very nice of them to let us stay and eat at their cabin! Thank you!

Ryan & Tanner....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Andy and I celebrated our first anniversary on July 17th! The weekend was amazing, even though our actual anniversary day was crazy. We both had work and school and Andy didn't even get home until 9! So instead of going out we ate our cake... :) It was still pretty good after a year! Thanks Ronna for the still awesome year old cake! After that we decided to go with our friends to the midnight showing of Batman. Although we hadn't stayed up past midnight for quite sometime it was well worth it and tons of fun! Luckily we were able to sleep in on Friday and packed up for our small getaway to Park City! Andy's Grandma, Oma, has a chalet in Park City and we decided to spend the weekend up there to relax and go mountain biking! When we arrived at the cabin we were surprised with balloons, flowers, candy, fruits, cheese, crackers, and a wonderful card that Oma had left for us! She had driven up the night before just to make our weekend special! Thanks so much Oma! It was just the thing to start our weekend off great. Then the inevitable happened. Andy went outside to get the bikes out and I unpacked the food. Wanting to go watch him, I left the cabin and shut the door behind me... unfortunately I was unaware that the door automatically stays locked unless manually unlocked from the inside. Andy wasn't worried until he couldn't find the spare. That is correct the spare was missing and we were very much locked out of the cabin!!!! Crazy!! So after about an hour of adventures full of climbing on the roof and balcony trying to miraculously find an open window we found out that the cabin is remarkably secure! Comforting if you are inside! So we realized that the only thing to do was take a long drive to Ryan's work in Salt Lake to get the spare... yes that's right.. Ryan (Andy's brother) forgot to leave the spare the week before!! It was fun and we had many laughs about it. When we got back we decided to go to an amazing steak house. It was the BEST steak ever!!! We will definitely be making that a tradition... and saving up for awhile before our next attempt :) The next morning we went mountain biking!!! It was so much fun. With our snowboarding seasons passes we were able to go on the lifts for FREE!!!! Andy and I had so much fun. The mountains were unbelievable gorgeous and we were so happy with each other! It was so fun and we shared tons of laughs, especially since Andy was still working on how to get out of his pedal clips when he needed his feet on the ground.. lets just say he had his fair share of falls on that trip :) When we were finally done our legs looked like this.... But it was well worth the dirt and sweat and many scrapes! We decided to take our sore butts to the Alpine roller coaster and it was a great decision! We had so much fun! I had been on the alpine slide before but this was much better. We finished off the night at the famous Red Banjo pizza parlor and ate some Carmel apples and enjoyed one last night ride on the town lift. We ended the weekend on a wonderful Sunday morning walk in the beautiful mountains. I loved our little trip and have to say that this year has been simply amazing! I love my husband, and the joy he brings into my life everyday. He is unbelievable and I am so glad that I can spend many more anniversaries with him! I love you Andy, thanks for the wonderful year!

Pioneer Trek

In church last Sunday for primary we went on a trek just outside around the church... more like a small walk but it was so cute! We walked around and did some dances and then sat down under a tree on some blankets and heard pioneer stories! It was so cute. While the leaders were telling stories the kids were given little bottles with some cream and a marble in it and they had to shake the bottle to make butter! It was such a fun lesson and I love Sister Udy and her inspiration in everything. She is such an awesome teacher, leader, and friend. The kids loved eating the butter they made and I thought it was so fun.

Lake Powell

It feels like forever since I have posted! I have a lot to catch up on and first is Lake Powell! I absolutely love this place. It is relaxing, beautiful, and so much fun to hang out with family there! We left on Sunday night and slept in the slip on the houseboat waiting for more family to arrive. The next morning we took out the mastercraft and decided to go look for a spot to dock the houseboat at. We found the most beautiful beach (I wish I had taken a picture) and we waited there for awhile. Unfortunately the air conditioner went out in the houseboat a few weeks earlier and someone called to tell us they had the parts and could install it on Tuesday.... We weren't really excited about leaving our awesome beach, but we asked the neighbors to try and save our spot and... it worked! Thanks to that awesome family that drove off tons of crazy houseboaters :) It was after all the fourth of July weekend! The week was wonderful filled with lots of fun friends, family, and great memories. I love lake powell! Thanks to Oma who lets us come every year on the fourth to have a great time!
Andy wakeboarding! He is actually pretty awesome, its too bad my camera is a little shaky and temperamental :) I was going to put a picture of me doing a backflip but I didn't want to make anyone feel inadequate..... haha
My handsome hubby driving the Mastercraft!
Me and Stephanie's cute girls Aubrey and Emily. Stephanie is dating Andy's uncle Stu. These girls were so much fun and so dang cute! It was so much fun to have you girls

Ryan, Adam, Bennett, Tanner, Bryan, Emily, Annie, and Andy cliff jumping!