Monday, January 19, 2009

Just a few things we have learned....

We are absolutely loving life in our new home. It has been such a blast being out here, and everything is just perfect. I just wanted to post about the things that we have learned since we have moved out here in our new house...
1. Garbage day is on Thursday. This took us a few weeks to get used to, but when the garbage starts to pile up you learn pretty quick.
2. If you let the snow get too deep in your driveway because you haven't bought a snow shovel your neighbors will come do it for you.
3. When you finally buy a snow shovel and go out to shovel your driveway for the first time, your neighbors will feel bad for you and come over with their snow blowers to get the job done in half the time.
4. Neighbor Christmas gifts rock.
5. Circles do not get snow plowed so from time to time you may bottom out trying to get to your driveway.
6. Since circles do not get snow plowed, people give rides on sleds behind their 4 wheelers during the day.
7. You have to buy a mailbox.
8. Living in a home without blinds can be interesting... good thing they came a couple days after we moved in.
9. If the bank forgets to take the real estate key box off the door, there is a switch inside that you can push to take it off yourself.
10. Reception is not great out here and since we have not yet set up service we do not watch tv. Needless to say, your own movies get old fast.
11. Because movies get old fast, you can watch tv shows on the internet if you don't mind pushing start again after the commercials end.

This has been such an amazing experience. We are still getting used to being homeowners! We love our neighborhood, our ward, and everything we are currently doing out here.